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As stated in the Digital Millennium Copyright Act [DMCA] is an online service provider. We consider copyright infringement to be a serious offense and hence, abide by all the rules and regulations mentioned in DMCA.

If you are someone who owns or an authorized self of the copyright of a content that you have found on our website and are willing to stop us from using the same on then kindly bring the same to our notice by sending us an email. Doing so would help us investigate the matter and take necessary action. Any alleged copyright infringement would be vigilantly investigated and the said content would either be removed or modified. We will make sure that the action taken would be in accordance with the satisfaction of the copyright owner.

The notice that you would email us should include the following information:

  • Electronic of physical signature of the owner or authorized self of the copyright.
  • A concise explanation of the work that you allege to have been infringed
  • Specific URL[s] of the web page or website where the infringed work is to be found.
  • In order to help us reach out to you, you would have to mention your contact details such as name, address, email address and contact number in the email that you would send to us.

Please be assured that once we receive your email, we would investigate the matter as soon as possible and do the needful to the earliest.